Patients Safety

Dear patient,

For your own Safety we advise you:

  1. Not to trust your health in hands of foreigner /stranger travelling doctors, because you might need them after they have returned to their countries. You should ask yourself how responsible they behave towards you. How successful they are? How they find so much time to travel around, with all the work and success they are claiming to have.
  2. Do not receive any treatment in non-medical facilities, such as beauty salons, hair salons, gyms and private homes. All medical procedures may have some side effects that will require immediate attention. Be aware that none of the above places have the facilities to treat complications.
  3. Be careful of misleading promotion. The use of terms such “Facial Plastic Surgeon”, “Facial Cosmetic Surgeon”, “Oncoplastic Surgeon “ is considered to be misleading. Nowhere in the world, there are such medical specialties. The only specialty recognized is the Plastic Surgery Specialty. Due to regulations, doctors in Cyprus are allowed to present themselves, only with the title recognized by the Cyprus Medical Council.


  1. The decision for a medical procedure, cannot be done via telephone or personal research eg.via the internet or magazines. The information is general and may not be related to your own personal situation.
  2. When you decide to undergo any cosmetic or reconstructive surgery and you are looking for a suitable plastic surgeon, we strongly recommend you to choose one of our members. We ensure that all our members are licensed Plastic Surgeons.
  3. Keep in mind that the best choice is not always the cheapest one. Your safety and treatment success should not be based on a cheap price but ONLY on a good quality!
  4. When subjected to a treatment, make sure that the physician will be available for several days after the surgery, so that, in case of any complications he can look after you properly. The members of our society always planning their procedures, so that they will be available during the recovery time.
  5. Keep in mind that doctors may apply various methods in their own way and style.


In order to make the final decision before any cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, you should be aware of the following:

  1. In medicine there are no “miracle treatments”. There are very good treatments and each one has its own indications, limitations and disadvantages.
  2. Each procedure should be done for you personally and not for others (family, friends or social environment etc.)
  3. You should undergo the surgery, only when it is your own choice, not influenced by the media or celebrities and not wanting to be someone else.
  4. In order to get the best advice, you should discuss openly with your doctor, explaining in details, what is your problem.


Get the best solution for your problem by discussing it “openly” and in detail with your doctor